This web site is aimed at confirming the AI behavior easily on the game server which is used at practice, preliminary and final round.

You can use it for checking whether the AI to work properly, or trying optimization (time adjustment) on the game server.

We plan to prepare practice sessions for battle with other users before qualifying.

Please Register at first.

If you finished it and Login, you can check submits and results.

Submit Format

You need to submit the program in an archive including compile.sh and run.sh at top directory.
Each shell scripts are run at the compiling, the execution start respectively. Additionally, We will accept the archive file types that are .zip, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar.xz

The acceptable zip archive which is including the greedy player of samples is here. Please refer.

Software Environment (languages/libraries)

Preliminary Infomation Page at HP will show Software Environment.
Basically, standard libraries are available each languages.
Let us know your favorite languages/libraries if you want use it. We give some reactions as far as possible.

This repository publish the Dockerfile which is used on the game server.
Please tell us about a request such as "wanna use golang!" to GitHub Issue or samurai-contact@ipsj.or.jp
Of course you can DIY.
We beg your pardon... It is in under construction.